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Intimacy With God

Recently I wrote an article on Intimacy With God for The Gathering Place Church women’s website.

Here is an excerpt:

We all desire to be known. To be truly known, loved and accepted in spite of our faults and flaws. We desire to have an intimate connection. To belong to someone. I believe that God has hard-wired that desire for intimacy into the core of our being because He desires to share the deepest relationship of intimacy with us. Some of us accept that call to intimacy with God. Others run from it or attempt to fill that place with relationships or activities that don’t require true intimacy.

It’s scary enough to be vulnerable with someone you trust completely; and even scarier when you don’t believe the other person will guard and protect you; when you don’t believe you can trust them with the deepest parts of you. That begs the question: How do you view God? Do you see Him as someone who is a refuge to your vulnerable and imperfect self….or as someone who is waiting to condemn you and be disappointed when you reveal you aren’t perfect? We’ll come back to that question but first….what is intimacy?

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Overcoming Fear of Commitment

I am a monthly contributor for Start Marriage Right. They have lots of helpful articles addressing all facets and stages of relationships. Today my new article, Overcoming Fear of Commitment, has been posted.

Here is an Excerpt:

Two months before walking down the aisle the fear hit. What if I’m making the wrong decision? What if God has someone else for me to marry and I misunderstood? What if I wake up the day after the wedding and think I’ve made a big mistake? Have you ever played the “what if” game? If so, you know it’s a losing battle. Many of us have wrestled with fear of commitment; especially when it comes to a serious life-long commitment like marriage. So, what do we do with that fear?

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Clinging to God in the Midst of Sickness

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Recently I had the opportunity to interview Marcia Brown, who has fought through severe blood cancer and ongoing pain. Marcia shared a few of the lessons this battle taught her and her important advice for how others can encourage a loved one who is in the midst of sickness. Below are a couple of excerpts from our time together. You can read the full article here.

Do We Take Health for Granted?
While going through treatment Marcia began to realize just how many things in life we all take for granted. She pondered, “How many people take for granted the fact that they are able to walk?  It would not be common for a person to stop and think, “If I get out of bed today are my feet really going to take me where I want to go?” Or, “Will my spine hold my weight today?”   Until you face losing something, you usually take it for granted. There are so many things in life like that. Marcia commented that “it has been so eye opening to realize how many things—how many tiny things—we take for granted.”

How You Can Encourage A Sick Loved One
Some of the best things you can do for someone who is going through something like this are things that help them enjoy the life around them. Marcia suggests that you talk about things other than the illness.  She shares how she felt: “I wanted to feel normal and share the life of others instead of staying in the pit of mine.”  Some ideas on how to accomplish this are:

  • Call them just to say hello
  • Ask them for advice on a problem you are having
  • Talk about your own life and the things you’re learning & doing
  • Bring your kids over to play  (kids have a lot of LIFE in them)
  • Offer to take your loved one out for a drive
  • Come over and watch a movie with them
  • Take them for a short walk
  • If you bring a meal over, don’t just drop it off and leave.  Stay for 15 minutes and fellowship with them.  This will minister to the person’s emotional needs, as well as the physical.
  • Pray short prayers. God knows their needs!

Growing in Grace As a Mom

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Recently I had the opportunity to interview my friend Katrin about what God has been teaching her lately in life, marriage and motherhood; specifically how she is bringing her family with her on her journey with God. Below are a couple of excerpts from our time together. You can read the full article here.

Katrin speaks about learning to trust God…
Submission wasn’t easy at first, especially for someone who liked to be in control. “It was hard at first because I was so used to allowing my fear to be the source for many of my decisions. After many experiences of choosing to trust God by saying no to the fear it became easier. Then I began to ask the Holy Spirit for other areas in my life that I was allowing fear to keep me from trusting God. It’s a process of obedience and trust in who He is for me.”

And about growing in grace as a mother….
Katrin shares, “When you are in the place of saying, ‘God, use whatever You want to in my life in order to teach me’, He will do that. And for me He used my children to teach me, and He’s still using them to teach me.” A lot of what she learns from God about relationships comes through her kids. “I’m with my kids all the time, so He can be teaching me all the time. There’s benefit for them and there’s benefit for me. It goes beyond what my understanding of being a mom is. God is blossoming it into something I never knew parenting could be.”