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About Rayni

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website. You know, as I have seriously followed Jesus over the past 15 years I have discovered that nothing is better than knowing Him! God lovingly created YOU for a special relationship with Himself, offering you an abundance of redemption, freedom, healing, fun, purpose and wonder. That’s why I’m passionate about teaching and encouraging you through writing and speaking about truth.

I have enjoyed working in the non-profit world and also in full-time ministry at churches on the East and West Coasts. Currently I serve at my  church on the Women’s Ministry Team and alongside my husband as a part of the Prayer Team. I am also a monthly contributor for Start Marriage Right.

When I’m not writing I enjoy being outdoors, laughing a little too loud with friends, exploring new cuisine with my “foodie” husband and learning to speak French.



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  1. Hi Rayni-Your blog offers a beautiful insight to God and His always faithful love for us. How awesome is it when He opens our eyes and hearts to meaning beyond our own understandings. Truly beautiful and I can’t wait to read more. Take care, Kathy

  2. I applaud Rayni’s new blog and cheer her on with prayer!

  3. Rish, your new blog was exactly what I needed to read today as I sat here eating at my desk. It was finally a time to chill and God brought your blog to my mind so decided to read it…glad I did!!

  4. Well done, Rayni. You have a true gift of writing from His heart through yours to ours.

  5. Rayni…You should save these and eventually publish them in book form. You are as good as or better then many writers of inspirational literature I have ever read. These thoughts are not only marvelous, but professionally written

  6. Shell Cowper-Smith

    You really have a gift from God for communication. We join our prayers as He flows through you to encourage many.

  7. I second the idea about a book Rayni. You have some amazing thoughts & insights that inspire me and I’m sure many others too. You are truly blessed.

  8. Growing up on a farm in Indiana, I can especially relate this true Godly vision you introduced. And I too agree about publishing a book. Thank you for being that reminder of God’s love for us and that ever-growing experience He directs us toward.


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