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Intimacy With God

Recently I wrote an article on Intimacy With God for The Gathering Place Church women’s website.

Here is an excerpt:

We all desire to be known. To be truly known, loved and accepted in spite of our faults and flaws. We desire to have an intimate connection. To belong to someone. I believe that God has hard-wired that desire for intimacy into the core of our being because He desires to share the deepest relationship of intimacy with us. Some of us accept that call to intimacy with God. Others run from it or attempt to fill that place with relationships or activities that don’t require true intimacy.

It’s scary enough to be vulnerable with someone you trust completely; and even scarier when you don’t believe the other person will guard and protect you; when you don’t believe you can trust them with the deepest parts of you. That begs the question: How do you view God? Do you see Him as someone who is a refuge to your vulnerable and imperfect self….or as someone who is waiting to condemn you and be disappointed when you reveal you aren’t perfect? We’ll come back to that question but first….what is intimacy?

Keep reading more of this article here.


About Rayni Peavy

A newly married follower of Jesus, Rayni is passionate about teaching and encouraging others through writing and speaking about God's truth. She is inspired by nature, meaningful relationships, God, and those people who are living an abundant life.

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